Company Profile

Twin Chemicals Industrial was established as a justice person of company limited on 17 October 1997. Tax identification number is 015540089897. Our headquarter located in Prasamutchedi distrixt, Samutprakarn province

Twin Chemicals Industrial Company Limited is a manufacturer and distributor of industrial chemical in various industries as follow:

1. Twin Washing Thinner
2. Thinner for Steel
3. Thinner for Wood
4. Thinner AAA
5. Cleaning Oil
6. Paint Remover
7. Solvent Chemical
8. Water based Chemical
9. Industrial Chemical

Apart from these products, we are willing and able to customize industrial chemical for customer based on their own formula and specification.

Our Mission

Since customer is our main supporter, we promise the product that is delivered to you would have consistent quality as well as overwhelm in hospitality and service. Our corperate governance is mainly following transparency, equality, and ethic. We encourage our staff to be productive; performing task with efficiency and effectiveness concept.

Our Vision

We are continually developing in innovation, product, quality, and hospitality in every aspect to emphasize customer's confident in our brand. In addition, we keep developing our corporation to be prompt for future economic growth.

Company Policy
We are engrossed in producing quality products
along with safety standard
and on time shipments
for meeting our customer's highest satisfactions,
using good governance